Turn old jars into a kitchen herb garden!

You will need some clean jars, masking tape, blackboard paint and decorative stones.

Firstly, use the masking tape to create a rectangle where you can paint as shown:


Once the paint has dried gently peel off the masking tape.  If you want to tidy up any of the paint, use a finger nail or small blade to gently go around the edge of the black paint to neaten it.


Select the stones / pebbles you would like and fill about half of the jar.


Place some seed compost on top of the stones, plant your chosen seeds and write on the chalk what you’ve planted.  Now wait for them to grow!

When doing this, I found that it was important to keep the soil moist – it goes through to the stones and, until the plants grow and the roots get longer, the water in the bottom of the jar will only give added support to the seeds if it is in a place warm enough to evaporate it into the soil.  I’m thinking about trying some gel wax over the stones or other decorative items to make a base for the soil.  I’ll let you know how this turns out