Chalk paints are amazing!  You need very little preparation and they will paint on almost any surface and a little paint goes a long way.

They can also be pretty expensive.  Yet, they are pretty simple and inexpensive to make yourself.  And by making them yourself you can get the colours you want.

So, what do you need?

  • Emulsion paint (preferably matt, although silk will work too)
  • Powdered chalk
  • Hand blender (or a hand whisk and stamina!)
  • Water
  • Mixing pot

Yes, that really is all.

You want to mix around 2 parts paint to one part chalk.  For small amounts, you can start with tester pots from any DIY shop.  The majority of tester posts are only around 2/3rds full, so you can see roughly how much chalk you need to add.  Put your chalk powder into a mixing pot and add a small amount of want to mix it into a smooth paste, making sure you have no lumps in the chalk.  This helps when mixing the chalk into the paint and making sure you have big white lumps on whatever you are painting.

Add the paint to the chalk (and it works just as well if you add the chalk to the paint).  Now you need to mix it in really well.  This is where a hand blender can help.  You want to get the chalk and paint mixed together as smoothly as possible.

Once you’re happy that you’ve blended it as much as you can, you’re ready to start painting.  When using chalk paint, surfaces should be clean and dust free.  However, there is no need to sand them down.

Chalk paint dries quicker than the emulsion alone because the chalk is absorbing the moisture.  Brushes can be washed in warm soapy water.

Once your surface is completely dry, you can smooth any rough parts with fine sand paper before giving it a wax polish.  Alternatively, use decorators varnish to finish and protect the paint.

You can paint on almost anything – laminates, wood, glass, metal.  The only warning is older furniture wish oil based varnishes/stains that could run through into your chalk paint.  In these cases, it is best to completely cover the areas you want to paint in primer (paint or spray) and make sure there is no run through before adding your chalk paint.

This writing bureau came from an auction and was completed in less than two weeks:


This second hand cabinet became a fabulous book case.  The cabinet is make from a plastic laminate!