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Our love of notebooks and paper has lead to this fabulous selection of individually and limited edition books that meet every desire for something special.

Hand Crafted Books:

The books we create for you are individually designed covers, which are a little piece of art work in themselves.  We then hand stitch the book together to create a unique journal, sketch or note book.  The paper we use is high quality and varies from handmade, sketch/drawing or writing papers.  Each book is unique and come in different sizes

Ultimate Hand Crafted Books:

Just as described above, these one-off books are created to be the ultimate in “hand made” books.  As well as designing and making the covers, we make the paper inside the book and create the twines that bind it!  These precious books can be used for collecting memories, photographs, anything that brings you joy. 

Wedding and Event Guest Books

Keeping a record of your your special event is important for everyone.  Having a hand created book, complete with names, dates, etched or printed into your book, makes it all the more special.  Made to order, we can create books to match your colour scheme as well as incorporate personalised and decorative pages into your book.

Limited Edition Notebooks

We have a selection of notebooks that we cover using our own photography or exquisite papers we’ve found on our travels.  We design and make textile covers for note books that can be reused when the note book is full!  We even cover books using papers we’ve designed and created.


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