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We love to make a handbag – but only once.  So each handbag is absolutely unique to you!

And that goes for just about most things we make.  Our shoppers – very strong and always 100% heavy cotton – are limited to 12 maximum in any design (the majority are 3 to each design). 

We make scarves for the winter from a selection of hand dyed silks and cottons (we use both eco and natural dyes and occasionally commercial dyes for bold colours), as well as fabrics that we source from our journeys around the world.  We sometimes combine our hand dyed elements with micro fleece to get everyone through the real chill of winter with a touch of panache!

After finding that buttons in haberdasheries are often a ridiculous price, we started making our own with a water resistant form of polymer clay and covering them in machine washable varnish.  They are fun and funky and can add a bit of pizzazz to any garment, whether its something you’ve made or want to refresh.  We make the buttons in sets and then they cannot be replicated to the exact same design.  Again, that lovely feeling of exclusivity.

And then there’s the other things we love to play around with – cold enameling, decorative trinket boxes and who knows what.  Sometimes it’s just for fun and other times, we think maybe someone may like this.  And so our beautiful creations become your beautiful things

We work mostly in natural fibres, such as cotton, wool and silk.  We do use man-made fibres when the textiles are too fabulous to ignore!

We use a heavy cotton canvas for shoppers and a range of wool, cotton, tapestry and canvas for handbags.  We like to find small selections of fabrics and make a small range of bags – all different and yet co-ordinating (about 4 or 5 bags in a range) and then move on to a new selection.  This all helps to keep our bags unique and exclusive.

The scarves we make are limited editions for the winter months.  With a source of fabulous Thai silks, we made luxurious wraps to drape over any outfit.  We create our own dyed silks and cottons co-ordinated with fabrics to make exclusive, one-off pieces.  And any fabric we find that we just fall in love with may end up keeping you warm and looking good.  And then, there’s the hand felted scarves…so much choice and so few cold days!  Go on, spoil yourself..


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