What We Love To Make

Bags of Bags

All our handbags are unique (we never make two identical).  Our signature shopping bags are amazingly strong and stylish.  We also make a range of purses, craft bags, laundry bags and more.. Whatever bag you desire

Just ask and it’s in the bag!


We have a stunning range of hand crafted polymer clay buttons that are as individual as you are.  We cannot replicate the buttons that we make, so you can be sure that you won’t find the same anywhere else!

Our buttons are suitable for use on clothing as well as embellishing crafts


There’s nothing more British than bunting and we just love it!  Whatever the occasion our high quality bunting is made your way or  choose something ready made by us.

Available to buy or hire


Our amazing range of hand crafted books include journal, sketch and mixed media notebooks with individual designs.  Like many of our creations, we rarely duplicate a design.  Whether you are looking for a covered notebook or a book made entirely by hand, we’ve got just what you’re looking for.

We also create bespoke books such as wedding and party guest books.

Any Questions?

Please click on the tabs to view our most common questions. Also feel free to send us a message if you don’t find the answer here!

Who are PRF Creatives?

PRF Creatives is the bees knees!  We love to play and we love to share.  That’s why we love making new, different and exciting bags, bunting and lots of other things.  And we also love sharing through craft workshops.

PRF is Pauline Fraser.  Many of her skills are those learned growing up with a creative and skilled mother!  A natural curiosity for discovering new crafts and ways to recycle, reuse and reinvent are at the heart of PRF Creatives.  Often self-taught or working with other creative practitioners, our aim is to share our passion for creative play by offering high quality, practical and fun things for you to own and love.

Based in South East Northumberland, we sell through Etsy, Facebook and local craft fairs.  We hope to meet you soon!

What Do We Create?

Here at PRF Creatives we love to play with all kinds of things.  Our main focus is bags, bunting and beautiful things.

Handbags are always a one off.  While we may use the same fabrics or designs, we never repeat a bag, meaning you can be confident that you really have something unique.

We have a range of all things “bag” with really strong shopping bags (mostly made from 100% cotton), purses and beach bags.  We make a useful line of shoe bags, so your shoes can be stored or packed away from other clothes in your suit case – and we do a nifty little laundry bag that sorts your clean / dirty so quickly when you’re on holiday.  And, of course, we do make-up and travel bags.

We make a small number of bags that are ready to buy as well as making them to order – just the way you want them.

And as well as bags, we love making all sorts of things with fabric from soft furnishings to creative wall hangings.  Most recently we have been commissioned to make a bespoke sewing machine cover and aprons.  We are currently exploring patchwork with recycled denim working towards creating denim wall hangings and denim rugs.

If it’s crafty, we do it for the shear passion of making things.  Photography is a passion and some pictures make it to print in the form of note/greetings cards.  Up-cycling furniture, decoupage, shabby chic, felt-making and button making are just some of the things we play with and some make it into our shop!

We really are open to discussing anything you may be interested in having that is special to you. If it isn’t amongst our talents, we have a range of creative practitioner friends we would be happy to put you in touch with.

What's the deal?

Being hand made to order doesn’t need to cost the earth.  Of course, we can’t  – and won’t – compete with mass produced supermarket items made in the Far East.  We don’t use child labour or put the planet at risk with an overload of plastic.  We pay above minimum wage and give you a personal service.

All of that said, we also don’t plan to take your eyes out, so we won’t charge over the moon prices.  Our one-off handbags are on sale between £25 and £80.  Check out our Shop to get an idea of what you can expect to pay – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Want it fast?  Every day is play time for us, so if it’s already made, it can be on its way to you immediately.  We aim to post within 2 working days of receiving your payment and usually post first class within the UK or standard post for the rest of the world.

If you want something special we will talk to you to get your timescale and work to that.  For example, a bespoke handbag can take up to 10 days to make and 20 metres of bunting will take at least 4 days.  Other items, such as shopping or beach bags can be made within 48 hours and on their way to you.

Just ask and we’ll do our best to meet your needs

What Workshops are Running?

We are coming to the end of the I MADE IT project in partnership with Stepping Up (North East) Ltd.  However, we are planning further craft classes for summer 2018 onwards.  We also run a monthly polymer clay group with details on our workshop page.

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Book Making


Book Making


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Feel free to get in touch! Whether you wish to order something you’ve seen or have a special request, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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